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Armed Forces Covenant book collection

These books, that anyone can reserve and read, are the Armed Forces Covenant book collection which primarily provides support for young people whose friends or family members are serving in the armed forces. 

There are also links to support books for adults, our free eBook service, and some military themed reading.

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Shelf help for young people is a collection of books that can help you cope with the pressures of life, boost your confidence and help you with difficult feelings and experiences.

The books have all been chosen by young people and health experts. They contain information and advice as well as personal stories about dealing with feelings such as anxiety, depression or stress, experiences such as bullying, and tips and ideas to help you understand and manage your emotions as well as cope with difficult situations.

This is a small sample selection of books. See all the books

Download the interactive leaflet (pdf) where you can select titles in the list and print it off.


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A small selection of military themed reading

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Reading Well for mental health provides helpful information and support for managing common mental health conditions, or dealing with difficult feelings and experiences.

Some books also include personal stories from people who are living with or caring for someone with mental health needs.