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Prepare to go on adventures with pirates and princesses, battle dragons and cast spells, become a sport champion or learn about the dark ages and the wonders of science. There's no end to the possibilities with books! 

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We have two sets of recommendations this June from Lou and Joan from Willerby Library. These are Lou's We have two sets of recommendations this June from Lou and Joan from Willerby Library. These are Lou's

I’m Lou, I thoroughly enjoy my job as a relief assistant at Willerby Library. Our family have been customers here for years and I love being surrounded by people and books.  Every day the library is full of people coming and going, choosing books, attending groups and of course taking part in our children’s sessions.

No two days are alike, and although most of the day’s activities are book related we do all sorts of things in the library these days, it’s a brilliant hub for local people. 

Our whole family loves this book. Our youngest son first borrowed it from Willerby Library when he was a toddler, drawn to Sid the dog flying in the sky on the cover.

Poor Sid is a bit sad, but eventually a fantastic secret cheers him up. It’s a lovely uplifting story with big bold pictures, and like all of Jez Alborough’s writing it scans so well that it’s a joy to read. In our family, if anyone is feeling a bit sad we still say ‘I’m feeling a bit Sid’. Luckily there is a happy ending. 


The Bee Book tells you everything you could possibly want to know about how amazing bees are.

Its colourful illustrations and snippets of interesting bee information are intended to spark conversations and help save bees.

I especially like the vibrant colours and clean design. Let’s all make a bee friendly garden, and look after bees!


I like that this is a special book for girls and the title intrigued me straight away. It’s packed with tips on how to be brilliant at over 100 amazing things; how to find the North Star, win a bet, survive a rip tide, annoy people in a lift, come top in spelling tests, look after baby chicks, escape from zombies, and loads more! 

It’s often funny, full of diagrams and light hearted pictures, but every page is easy to follow and it’s full of genuine good advice. I’m going to get it out for my granddaughter, and I’ll also show it to my sons, I bet they’ll read it too. 


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And these are Joan's book recommends. And these are Joan's book recommends.

I joined the library service in June 2018 as a Library Assistant at Willerby Library. From childhood, I have always been interested in books, both fiction and non fiction.  My favourite type of fiction books are those which have a dual storyline, set in the past and then present day.

I always have a book that I am reading, do you?

The books I recommend reflect my own reading choices, I hope you find them as interesting as I do. 

Being asked to do a Bounce and Rhyme session was an opportunity to have a look through all the picture books in the Children’s Section for a story to read to the group. 

I selected Shark in the Park for the bright pictures and the porthole view on each page which show an image that could be a shark.  It’s only as you keep reading the story that you realise the shark fin belongs to something else!

The illustrations are very colourful with lots of things to pick out on each page.  The story is easy to read and for children to follow and join in with the “Shark in the park!” alert.  


Childhood holidays to Scarborough always started with the purchase of a Tourist Map on which I marked the hotel where we were staying and all the places of interest which needed to be visited during the holiday – Scarborough Castle, Oliver’s Mount, the crazy golf courses!

An atlas is not just a list of names and places though, it can tell you lots of information about the height of the land, lakes and rivers, mountain ranges, borders and some will even give you information on the history of an area from the type of rocks to the changing population. Open an atlas at a random page and there is always something new to find to continue your voyage of discovery.


The Adventures of the Wishing Chair is a story of a brother and sister who visit an antique shop to buy their mother a birthday present but mysterious things happen in the shop that make them think it’s a very unusual place.
They sit in what seems an ordinary chair but after being startled by the shopkeeper, wish they were at home and the chair grows wings to fly them home. This is just the start of a series of adventures the children have in the chair. They befriend a pixie and save him from a giant, taking him home with them and on their further adventures in the wishing chair, visiting wizards and strange lands.  
This is an enjoyable story, an easy read, and good for improving the vocabulary of a growing mind.


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Check out our dyslexia friendly books from the very best children’s authors and illustrators in the UK with a host of unique accessibility features. 

Suggested books for babies and toddlers Suggested books for babies and toddlers
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Suggested books for 4 to 7 years Suggested books for 4 to 7 years
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Facts and Information are great!
Here's four books we think you will find interesting.

Remember that you can search the catalogue yourself to find information books, and you also have free access to the Britannica Online Junior and Student editions. 

Britannica Online for Juniors is designed for students aged 5 to 11
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Britannica Online for Students is designed for students aged 12 to 18
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Suggested books for 8 to 11 years Suggested books for 8 to 11 years

Here's a small selection of books that we think any children aged 8 to 11 will love. We definitely do!

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When children ask: “Who can I read next?” or “Who writes like my favourite author?”, the answers are here in Who Next…?  Writers of children’s fiction are listed with suggestions of other authors who write in a similar way, together with key book and series titles.