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As well as the usual stuff such as renewing your books you can do loads of other things too including finding lots of new books to reserve and read, what books have won awards, and get free online homework help. 

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Kimberley from Beverley Library recommends these books Kimberley from Beverley Library recommends these books

I am Sharon the Library Supervisor at Willerby Library.

I have worked in branch libraries for nearly 45 years and have had lots of opportunities to recommend my favourite books to lots of boys and girls.

I enjoy reading stories at our Bounce and Rhyme story time and during class visits. One of my favourite stories is Mr Pusskins by Sam Lloyd. The children always love listening to this story. Suitable for younger children and adults!

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I love craft books and this one caught my eye. A must for those rainy days to get you inspired to make something creative. From tree frogs and bird masks to dinosaurs and puppets all made using a variety of natural materials and simple items which you could have at home. Simple  instructions and beautifully illustrated.


Mr Pusskins is an extremely spoiled cat who is very loved by his owner Emily.
Emily adores Mr Pusskins and she loves reading to him every night and brushing his long fair coat. However Mr Pusskins is bored with his “dull life” and decides to run away from home in search of adventure. Soon Mr Pusskins realises what a lucky cat he was, regrets his decision to leave home and wants to be back safe with his Emily again. He realises he hadn’t been very nice to Emily and how very lucky he really was. Thankfully there is a happy ending.


One of my favourite books is The Silver Sword by Ian Serraillier. I read this book at school when I was 11 and I can still remember the story all these years later.
I have recommended this book to lots of boys and girls who are struggling to enjoy reading. I have had many positive comments from the children after they have read it and the good thing is that this particular book has turned a lot of reluctant readers into avid readers.
The story is set against a backdrop of destruction in Warsaw and other areas of Poland during and after World War 2. The opening chapter describes the South Polish prison camp where the children’s father, Joseph Balicki has been sent. The story tells the plight of how the three children, Ruth, Edek and Bronia with the help of a young orphan called Jan to escape from the horrors of Warsaw after the arrest of their parents and their journey across Europe surviving every kind of danger in an attempt to find and be reunited with their parents.


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Suggested books for baby's and toddlers Suggested books for baby's and toddlers

BookTrust transforms lives by getting children and families reading and is the UK's largest children's reading charity.

Their flagship programme Bookstart reaches every child in England and Wales in their first year.

BookTrust books and resources are delivered via health, library, schools and early years practitioners, and are supported with guidance to encourage the reading habit. Reading for pleasure has a dramatic impact on educational outcomes, wellbeing and social mobility, and is also a huge pleasure in itself. 

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Suggested books for 8 to 11 years Suggested books for 8 to 11 years
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When children ask: “Who can I read next?” or “Who writes like my favourite author?”, the answers are here in Who Next…?  Writers of children’s fiction are listed with suggestions of other authors who write in a similar way, together with key book and series titles.


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