How do I borrow eBooks? How do I borrow eBooks?

Service Update
On Tuesday May 28th the way that you download eBooks is changing. To find out how to continue to use this service please go to:


Join an East Riding of Yorkshire library
If you are not already a library member you will need to join an East Riding of Yorkshire library


Before you start

Check that your device is compatible with our eBook service. Visit the Adobe website for the current list of compatible devices.

Create an Adobe ID. This is required to authorize your eReader for use with our service. All your devices must be assigned the same Adobe ID for them to be able to read your loan titles. If you do not have an Adobe ID, visit the Adobe website

Download an eReader app to your device. We recommend the Libro eBook Reader for Android and Apple devices.

Authorize your device / eReader app by using your Adobe ID. Some eReader apps may call your Adobe ID a DRM. 


Visit our eBooks website and Log In
Visit our eBooks website and then Log In using your library card number and PIN. When logging in with your library card any letters must be uppercase.
When you join the library a PIN is automatically generated for you. If you want to reset your PIN to something more memorable or you have forgot your PIN, you can reset your PIN online, or call into your local library.
East Riding Library Service Customers can select up to six eBooks to download at any one time.


How do I choose an eBook to download?

You can choose an eBook to download by:

  1. Either browsing 'Latest eBooks', 'Collections', 'Genre' or by searching for titles or authors in the Search box.
  2. Select the title that interests you.
  3. If the title is available and you wish to download it, select 'Add'.
  4. This will take you to the 'Basket Items' Screen.
  5. When you are ready, select the required loan period (1 to 21 days).
  6. Select 'Checkout'. The title will then be processed.
  7. When processing is complete, select 'Download'. (This may open your eReader app automatically, if not, select your eReader app).
  8. If you haven't already added and saved your Adobe ID / DRM, your eReader app will direct you to authenticate it.


Do I have to do this every time I want to download an eBook?
No. Once you have set up your device and assigned your Adobe ID / DRM your chosen eBook will automatically download to your eReader app.


Do libraries have WiFi?
Yes. All our static libraries have free unlimited WiFi.


I have more questions to ask
Please visit our eBooks website and select Support. Then select Help/FAQ to see if your questions and answers are in the list. If you need further support please contact us