How do I borrow free eMagazines? How do I borrow free eMagazines?

Join an East Riding of Yorkshire library
If you are not already a library member you will need to join an East Riding of Yorkshire library


Before you start

1. Check that your device will display eMagazines. Compatible devices are: iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire/HD/HDX, Mac and PC.

*If you have already registered for eAudiobooks or eComics you can use the same log in details for your eMagazine's. If so, skip this section. If not, please carry on.

2. You will need to create an East Riding of Yorkshire Council Zinio account:  It's very simple to do:

3. Visit the eMagazine and eComic landing page (external website)

4. Click 'Create New Account' at the top right of the screen.

5. Enter your library card number and click Next

6. Enter your name, email and create a password.


Once you have signed up, how do you read eMagazines?
You can read your eMagazines online by clicking on the magazine you want to read and 'Checkout'
Choose either 'Start Reading' and your magazine will open on screen or 'Keep Browsing' to check out more magazines.


Do you want to read your eMagazines offline?
In order to read them offline they must be downloaded to an App.

The Zinio for Libraries app is available from a variety of app stores including iTunes, Google play and Kindle Fire HD/HDX: Links to these are available at the bottom of the page on Zinio - East Riding Magazines (external website)

Once you have downloaded your app
1. Select United Kingdom then England then East Riding of Yorkshire Council followed by entering your Zinio account email address and password.

2. Click on each checked out magazine to download to your device.

3. Once downloaded, stay logged in and you can access your magazines offline


Can I read other eMagazines that aren't on the list?
Yes - but you must pay for these as they are not supported by East Riding Libraries subscription service.


Do Libraries have WiFi?
Yes. All our static Libraries have free unlimited WiFi


I have more questions to ask.
Once you are logged in to your account you can lick the icon. This gives you access to user guides and tutorial videos. If you are still having problems complete an online support inquiry using the United Kingdon link.