How do I renew my books and other items online?

Renew your Books, Audiobooks, CDs and DVDs by logging in to Your Account using your library card number and PIN and clicking on "My loans".

You can renew your eAudiobooks and eBooks by logging in to your listening and reading app.

How do I get my PIN?

When you join the library in a branch or mobile library, a PIN is automatically generated for you.
When you join the library online, you choose a PIN yourself.

If you have forgot your PIN, there are a few ways you can obtain it or reset it.  

1. The quickest way, and especially out of normal opening hours, is to reset your PIN yourself. You will need an email address saved on your library account to do this. Reset Your PIN 

2. We can provide your PIN over the phone. You will just need to confirm a couple of questions. Find a library

3. Your PIN can be provided to you or changed in person at any East Riding of Yorkshire branch library or mobile library. Find a library

How do I do a simple search?

When you search, your results are from every East Riding Library and includes all available media types, such as Hardback, Paperback, Large Print, Audiobooks in CD and Cassete, eBooks, and eAudiobooks.

In the search box at the top right of every page, type what you want to find. For example; harry potter, james patterson, mary berry, stamp collecting, butterflies, world war 2. It doesn't not matter whether you use uppercase or lowercase letters and you will notice that when you start typing some suggestions will start to be displayed. You can click on these at any time if you see it is what you are searching for.

If you know the title and author you can search by those terms too, for example; chicago david mamet, paradise and plenty mary keen, the paras max arthur. 

If you do a simple search for a title, it always brings up the most recent purchased format of that title. e.g. Hardback.
If we also have the title in Paperback, Large Print, Talking CD, Cassette, etc, these will be shown by this link:


Hovering your cursor over the book icons shows you what other format(s) we have the title in. Click the relevant book icon to bring up the result.  

There are so many ways to search that it is best if you try to find the best method that works for you.


Refining your search results
Just like many other catalogues and websites, you sometimes get a lot of results from your simple search. Down the right hand side you will see a 'Refine your search box'. In here you can start whittling down your search results to find exactly what you want. You can refine by author, category, format type, publication year, and more. Your search terms and results will determine the type of refinements that are available to you.

How do I do an advanced search?

You may search for items by pre-providing a range of details about what you want to find. For example, you may want to restrict your search to items published in a specific year, a particular media type, or written in a specific language.

On the search box at the top right of every page, click Advanced search.


The Advanced search window will be displayed.

Use the search filters and fields to define your search and filter your search results. Then click search.

You can select more than one filter in each field by holding down Ctrl on your keyboard and clicking each filter that you want. 

The search will only find records that meet all the search criteria.

You may search for publications From one year To another. To search for only one publication year, type that year in both the From field and the To field. For example, for publication year 2013, type From 2013, To 2013.

I've found what I want, how do I reserve it?

We recommend that you log in to Your Account before starting your search. This just makes the process smoother for you once you find what you are looking for.

To log in you will need your library card number and PIN.

Your library card number is always on the rear of your library card below the barcode and is always only 10 digits long.

If you do not have a PIN, see the How do I get my PIN? section on this page.   

Once logged in and you have completed your search you will see a Reserve button by the item you want.


Click the Reserve button. The pick-up branch window will appear.


Select the pick-up branch you want to collect your item from by clicking anywhere in the white box. *If you use a mobile library, select Mobiles Department as your pick-up branch.


Click Save. You will get a successful notification and where you are in the queue.

How do I link to my children's library accounts?

To link to your children's library accounts you must be set up as the contact / guarantor for each child. This can only be done at a library by a member of staff using our Library Management System. 

Once this is done, the next time you log in to your account and select 'My loans' you will have the option to select yours and your children's loans.

Find a library.

How will you tell me that my item is ready for collection?

We can notify you by either SMS or Email that your items are ready for collection. 

You can set up either of these notifications by giving the staff your choice the next time you visit the library. Or you can set this up yourself online.

To set up notifications online you will need to Log in to your Your Account, click My profile and then click Show which is to the right of My profile for........  

Add your mobile number and or your Email address.

Click Show to the right of Notification Method and tick your choice. Note that only one choice i.e. either SMS or Email  can be made. Do not select Post as we do not use this method any more.

To save, navigate anywhere or log out.

Please note: If you wish to receive a SMS notification you will need to keep your mobile phone switched on, as messages can not be re-sent and will not wait in your inbox. You may prefer to opt for an email reminder if your mobile phone is often switched off. 

What are My Reviews and Ratings?

We would like you to interact with us and add a review and or a rating to items you have had on loan.

What is My Inbox?

View messages we have sent you. 

What are My Charges?

If applicable you may have incurred a Library Fine for overdue items. View your account status and any recent payments you have made.

What is My loans?

This is where you can check what items you have on loan, their due date for return, and where you renew items.

Please note that if the title is reserved by someone else you will be unable to renew it.

What is My Loans History?

You can view the last 100 items that you have had out on loan. Please note that some items that you have had may not be on your loans history. This happens when we have had to delete the item from our system.

What are My reservations?

You can see each item you have reserved and the status of that item.

What is My Profile?

View and edit your personal details and make sure all your contact information is up to date. 

What is My Wishlist?

This is where you can put items that you may wish to reserve in the future. 

How could I avoid Overdue Charges?

How can I contact you?

We work hard to provide you with the best possible Library and Information Service and are always happy to receive any comments and feedback to enable us to develop and improve our service to you.

You can contact the Library and Information Service and other council departments by visiting our Contact the council page and clicking the appropriate link.

If you just want to contact your local library, your local library details and mobile library visiting times can be found by clicking here.

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