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Paperback:Life, death and vanilla slices:2013 Life, death and vanilla slices
Author: Eclair
Publication year: 2013
Media class: Paperback
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Sphere
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Talking book - CD:Life, death and vanilla slices:2013:Talking book ed.
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Estranged sisters Anne and Jess were never close as children, and have drifted further apart over the years, living separate lives in different cities. But when their mother Jean is seriously injured in a road accident, they find themselves flung together again. It's not going to be pretty.


I enjoyed "Moving" so much that when I saw this on the library shelf it was calling to me to be read and it did not disappoint. Written with the usual JE wit and black humour this story of Jean and Ann, mother and daughter. Their secrets unfold while Jean lies in an coma and Ann ventures back north to be at her hospital bedside. Don't be taken in by the fluffiness of the cover, there is a grittiness,sadness and angriness as these two unburden their story. JE depicts so well family life over the last fifty years, changing attitudes, a truly honest and compelling read. Highly recommended.
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