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Paperback:To Hull and Back:2014 Paperback To Hull and Back
To Hull and Back
Author: Edwards
Publication year: 2014
Media class: Paperback
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Memoirs of the youngest child of a family of ten, borne in Barmston Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, England. These are memoirs which span 1942 to the 1970's. No it is not primarily another book about the Second World War. It starts there but moves through the whole life of my family and I until now I am the last one standing, but I now have a new family, my children, the grand children and great-grandchildren of my family. My journey is back to find the Hull I once knew and cherished dearly as a child and young man. The Hull where I experienced terror, fear, happiness, joy and love, and learned responsibility and to be proud of my background and family history. I wanted to leave a record of my family that brought me through my early life, and pass on to 'my family' the importance of a family.

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This book paints a vivid picture of what Hull was like during the period from the Second World War up to the 1960s and how ordinary working people lived, mainly set in the industrial area of the City. Life then was very different from now. It reminded me that the benefits of the welfare state have not always been with us. Whilst some people struggle making end meet in the 21st Century, life previously was even harder. The author Dr Raymond Edwards managed to transform from a poorly educated youngster to higher education. He progressed from poorly paid and hard menial work to much greater things.

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