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Hardback:The school for good mothers:2022 Hardback The school for good mothers
The school for good mothers
Author: Chan
Publication year: 2022
Media class: Hardback
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Hutchinson Heinemann
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Frida Liu is an anxiety-prone, 39-year-old, Chinese-American single mom living in a Philadelphia much like ours when she is reported, after a spate of sleepless nights with her 18-month-old, for leaving her daughter alone for a stretch of time she later calls her Very Bad Day. Yet there is no room in Frida's world for bad days, let alone bad mothers, according to the state's increasingly empowered Child Protective Services which seamlessly takes Harriet and sets about surveilling Frida's home. After a series of almost comically bad supervised visits, a judge deems Frida temporarily unfit. Her only hope for continuing to share custody of Harriet with her ex (and his doting girlfriend) is to pass exams meted out by a prized new government program. This 12-month, live-in program, a 'school' situated on an abandoned college campus, will retrain Frida in how best to parent.

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