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Paperback:One of them, an Eton College memoir:2021 One of them, an Eton College memoir
Author: Okwonga
Publication year: 2021
Media class: Paperback
Publisher: Unbound
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Musa Okwonga - a young Black man who grew up in a predominantly working-class town - was not your typical Eton College student. The experience moulded him, challenged him. but also made him wonder why a place that was so good for him also seems to contribute to the harm being done to the UK. The more he searched, the more evident the connection became between one of Britain's most prestigious institutions and the genesis of Brexit, and between his home town in the suburbs of Greater London and the rise of the far right. Woven throughout this personal memoir of Musa's five years at Eton in the 1990s is a present-day narrative which engages with much wider questions about pressing social and political issues: privilege, the distribution of wealth, the rise of the far right in the UK, systemic racism, the 'boys' club' of government and the power of the few to control the fate of the many.


Poorly written: lost count of the times he used "I will always remember" & "I will never forget"; nonetheless the insight into Eton life and its impact on its students and English society meant it was worth plodding on. The book just fizzled out at the end.
East Riding
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