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From Monday 6 July, you will be able to reserve books online on this platform (the library catalogue), on the Library App (App Store or Google Play) or by telephone, and collect them from the door of your library or mobile once available. 

We are currently unable to notify via email or text when items are ready to collect, but your online account will show when items are available, so we recommend logging in to check the status of your order.

Browsing is not available during this initial phase of reopening. 

Returned items can be placed by customers directly into a special sack and books will be quarantined for 72 hours before being cleaned and reshelved by staff.

Mobile Library customers will be contacted from Monday 6 July by text, email or telephone to discuss the new opening hours and the order and collect service. 

Overdue fines have not been applied during the lockdown period, and are suspended until further notice.

We will keep our website updated, so please check here for the most up to date information and all safety aspects of re-opening.

You can watch reopening videos for branch and mobile libraries here.

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Paperback:Torrents of Blood:2015 Torrents of Blood
Author: Drake
Publication year: 2015
Media class: Paperback
Publisher: PublishNation
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On a dank and foggy November evening in 1796 a Royal Mail Coach on its way from Hull to York is stopped by two highwaymen. One of the passengers is abducted. Two weeks later the headless body of a man is discovered beneath a hedge in the same locality. In the following weeks more headless bodies are discovered. A constable from the town of Hull and his bookseller friend Nicholas Twygge are asked by the Sheriff and Aldermen to investigate the deaths. Their trail takes them to Hamburg where they find themselves embroiled in events which threaten them and the peaceful lives of the residents of Hull. Europe-wide murders are being perpetrated in the midst of the political turmoil and fanaticism of the French Revolution.


It is evident that this is self published. The level of error, spelling, grammar and content doesn't make it an easy read. Obviously not proofread before publication.
East Riding
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