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Whether you like the feel of a book in your hands, reading eBooks on a tablet, listening to an eAudiobook on your smartphone, or you would like to look at some recommended reading to help you understand your feelings and boost your confidence, you will find inspiration on this page.

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August Spotlight on: Alice Oseman

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Alice Oseman is an award-winning author, illustrator, and screenwriter, and was born in 1994 in Kent, England. She has written four YA contemporary novels about teenage disasters: Solitaire, Radio Silence, I Was Born for This, and Loveless. She is the creator of LGBTQ+ YA romance webcomic Heartstopper, which is now published in physical form by Hachette Children’s Group, and she is the writer, creator, and executive producer for the television adaptation of Heartstopper, which is set to be released on Netflix.

Alice’s first novel Solitaire was published when she was nineteen. Her YA novels have been nominated for the YA Book Prize, the Inky Awards, the Carnegie Medal, and the Goodreads Choice Awards.

​Alongside writing and drawing, Alice enjoys playing the piano semi-proficiently, Pokémon games, and purchasing too many Converse.

​Find Alice on Twitter and Instagram @AliceOseman.

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BookTok is a hashtag (#booktok) on the social media platform TikTok. Users create very short films of books they recommend, and show their reactions to the final nail-biting or tear-jerking moment of a novel. We've selected some videos of books that we think you will like. Visit our BookTok page, you know you want to!

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Empathy is our ability to understand and experience someone else’s feelings. It builds stronger, kinder communities. It’s a crucial life skill that young people need to learn, thrive and make a positive difference. We’re not born with a fixed quantity of empathy – it’s a skill we can all learn. Excitingly, research shows that books are a powerful tool to develop it. When young people identify with book characters, they learn to see things from others’ points of view. As they read, they are building their empathy skills. 

You’ll find twenty-five fantastic empathy-boosting books – chosen by an expert panel – to help young people aged 12 to 16 gain insights into other people’s feelings, perspectives and ways of life.

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Reading Well for Teens

Reading Well for Teens suggests recommended reading and digital resources to help you understand your feelings and boost your confidence. Teens and health and wellbeing experts have chosen the books to help you manage your emotions and cope with difficult times. The booklist is targeted at teenagers (13–18) and includes a range of reading levels and formats to support less confident readers and encourage engagement.

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Check out our dyslexia friendly books from the very best children’s authors and illustrators in the UK with a host of unique accessibility features. 

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